Susan Walsh for PersonalRX Video Testimonials

August 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Susan Walsh

Why did you choose PersonalRX?

Susan Walsh: I chose PersonalRX because I was getting my medications from a pharmacy and it was just to the point where I couldn't afford them anymore. They would charge me over $600 a month for insulin, which I could not afford. And when I was told about PersonalRX I checked into it and they were able to get my medicines, my insulin and everything well under the price of the pharmacy. And since then I have been doing so much better with my diabetes. My A1C is down to 6.2. And it was never like that before PersonalRX.

Please tell me about the PersonalRX service as you would a friend?

Susan Walsh: PersonalRX I mean, if you haven't checked into it, you really should. I didn't know about it until my insurance company sent me an email and ever since then, getting my medications is fantastic. That you get them every month right on time. They connect with you to find out, you know, if you need any different meds or if, you know, you're still taking the same ones, they're very personable. The representatives that I've been working with are just phenomenal. I mean if I didn't know about PersonalRX I don't know what I would do. I've told other people about it and believe me, if you haven't tried it, you really need to because like I said, you get your medicines right on time every month and if your medicines change or anything like that, they'll take care of it. It's just the personal care they put into everything is just, it's just phenomenal. So yeah, if you haven't checked into it, definitely check into PersonalRX

What are the three most important things about PersonalRX to you?

Susan Walsh: The three most important things to me about PersonalRX are The quality. You get your medications right on time every month. They're pre packaged, you know, so you don't have to like separate them and put them in little pill containers or nothing. They're pre-packaged. You know your morning medicines, your evening medicines are all pre-packaged. You know, I guess number two would be the fact that you get them right on time. You never miss a dose. You get them right on time. They take care of you in giving you you know the right meds that you need. They check with you every month to make sure. And I think the third thing above all is the cost because with PersonalRX I am able to get you know my Toujeo® My Ozempic® everything at an affordable price because getting these from the pharmacy was just outrageous. I mean people can't afford $600 a month for insulin. So, I mean, this this company is fantastic and I am so grateful that I found out about them. So yes, PersonalRX, quality, customer care, and the cost would be the three things that I value the most about PersonalRX.

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