Sam & Dan Spear Unique Advantage video testimonial

January 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: The Spear's, ENT Doctor Air Force

How was the planning experience with a Principles-Based Financial Planner different than what you had expected or experienced before?

The Spear's: Seeing all of our financial, um, everything that we had financially on the, the snapshot, the, the software was really, really helpful because we thought that we were more prepared than we really were. And having it all laid out really made us see the holes and the things that we needed to do to prepare for retirement. Yeah, I didn't really have a good grasp of our entire financial situation, and so seeing it all on one page and in this program was extremely helpful. Thanks.

How do you believe your knowledge of the Five Principles of Personal Finance will help you in your finances going forward?

The Spear's: my husband knows that I have lost a lot of sleep over finance just because I just haven't had a good grasp on it. And before reading the book and before going through the program, I really didn't know which direction. I knew we needed to do something. And so the five principles and learning them actually really opened my eyes to, wow, you know, how what direction we should go to to become more financially secure and free. And it was very liberating and it's just put my mind at ease. Yeah, totally. Uh, it's, it's amazing what the priorities are of other people who are so-called financial advisors and what they want you to do with with your money and reading the book and going through the program with Kyle and learning the principles has really opened our eyes to what is best for our finances and how can we prepare for the future and just doing simple things that we really didn't think about before and how to be the most prepared. So, very grateful for that.

What did you feel was most helpful or valuable about the planning process?

The Spear's: so for a long time I just didn't know where to put the money that I was trying to save for uh for the future and we, you know, we had some IRAs and just everything was always so confusing. I mean I've taken classes on finance and things, but I always felt like I was gambling with my money and I just never knew I didn't and I didn't have the time to really research which stock markets and things like that. And that just really bothered me and our our the stocks that we had were not growing and it just, you know, I could just see a lot of difficulties in our future. And I tell I tell a lot of people about this and I have a brother who's um going through the program and a friend who just, they just love it because it actually gives us knowledge and knowledge obviously is power and allows us to make the right kind of choices that we need to make. I just think every they should teach this kind of principles in finances. And in fact I've taken, I went to a convention and they were teaching, they had some financial advisor there and I was just like, no, no, I don't agree with what he's saying and it's because I now have the knowledge base to know you know how how to make more better choices in our finances. Yeah, totally. Using a principle based financial planner is extremely valuable, something, you know, we certainly wish we could have done when we were younger, but we're glad that we're able to do it at this time. We still have a lot of things we can improve. Uh, and we've already made a lot of those adjustments and improvements. And certainly using this system, we would recommend it for everybody and just to get maximum protection and to be the most prepared, and also to be to do well with your finances.

Why do you believe others will benefit from going through the Principles-Based Planning Process?

The Spear's: I thought that reading the book before actually doing the course was very beneficial. It just kind of gave me idea and it helped because obviously repetition helps you remember and to solidify the principles a lot better. So, um, I read it before we started taking the classes and um, it just helped me to understand a little bit more as he explained it to us. It just, it made a lot more sense and that was really helpful. Yeah, the uh, Kyle's book, as well as the other books that he recommended that we read or listen to were extremely helpful and gave us a good overview of the program. And then working through his classes were able to get learn more of the details and to really cement in the principles that he was trying to teach. So also I'd recommend reading it before, before you start the classes, but it's not absolutely necessary. You can read it while you're doing it as well. So highly recommended

What helped clarify to you that Wall Street's Accumulation approach to planning cannot work?

The Spear's: I think for one thing, um it's got my husband and I on the same page financially because obviously finances, we've had a few um differences in opinions on how finances should be done. And um I think that just doing this program really, really helps align our priorities. That's been really, really helpful. Um We have the same goals and I think just the clarity of understanding how finances and insurance and all that works has really really benefited us and brought us a lot of peace of mind and peace in our relationship, yep. For sure, looking at details that I didn't think were important before has has been very helpful. Also getting a bigger view. Uh kind of an overview, a better overview of our finances has been very, very helpful. And as Dana said, you know, being on the same page and having the same goals, it just gives us a lot more confidence about the future and we're and a little bit more peace, peace of mind. So very happy about that.

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