Mike Huey Unique Advantage video testimonial

January 04, 2023

Mike shares his views on the value that Personal Financial Snapshot and Principled-Based Planning has given him and his family.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mike Huey, President, Scalable Sales Solutions

What was helpful about seeing all of your current financial situation all on one page with the Personal Financial Snapshot Model?

Mike Huey: I really appreciated Kyle, both from putting all the financial stuff all in one place, being able to see um that flow. I also really enjoyed his book because his book seemed to be a fresh perspective on financial planning. So from that perspective, I really appreciated my time. And then his time on a weekly or every other week basis, just giving coaching to both myself and my wife was valuable. It was valuable specifically from my wife to learn a lot. And I felt he was very congenial and, and working well with people, so I'm just a real pleasure to work with.

What value do you feel comes from learning the Five Principles of Personal Finance?

Mike Huey: I enjoyed, uh, really having a refresher of the different principles that he has for financial success. It wasn't new for me personally, however, it was really good and confirming to what I already knew because I had already studied the subject pretty heavily and was applying a lot of it. But Kyle helped put it all on one page, helps us to see how it all fits together. And it was really a great confirming message that we're on the right track.

Based on your experience, why do you feel others would benefit from going through a planning process with a Principles-Based Planner?

Mike Huey: I think a lot of people think financial planning is going to somebody and I won't say some names because I don't know if it can go on this video, but there are brokerage houses out there that financial planning is strictly just buying more stocks or buying more funds or building up your market portfolio and maybe yes, have some insurance also. Um and I think hearing what Kyle has to say and this Principle-Based Planning concept, it's just a much healthier, holistic way. I also think it's, it's not the way the middle class becomes financially wealthy, it's emulating what the wealthy people do. And so that's the key. If you want to just kind of have a middle class lifestyle and a middle class retirement, then maybe go to other routes. But if you really want to have an explosion of of wealth in the harvest parts of your life, I think this is a much healthier principle to go after.

How do you feel this process has helped you think differently about your finances?

Mike Huey: Um, this training really confirmed what I had, so because these thoughts were different than what you actually hear out in the marketplace, um, I, I felt like, uh, again, what Kyle had to say was really confirming to me of what the route I was going versus really training. Um, and so that was for me, highly beneficial.

What value did you get from the book Principles-Based Planning?

Mike Huey: The book is really good in giving a better holistic perspective on Financial Planning rather than what other brokerage houses provide, where they're, you know, wanting you to just buy insurance or just buy their stock or market the stock market products. And so I felt the book is healthy. I actually wanted some and am giving those out to my friends because I just think it's a really healthy uh, message the way it's written, It's easy to understand. And again, it's just a much more holistic approach to financial independence.

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