Dan & Lori Conger Unique Advantage Video Testimonial

January 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dan & Lori Conger

What was helpful about seeing all of your current financial situation all on one page with the Personal Financial Snapshot Model?

Dan & Lori Conger: I really enjoyed seeing our entire financial picture in one in one location, as our planner was sharing our circumstances with us. It's extremely helpful to see to see this from a high level and um something that you don't typically get a chance to do when you're on your own. But our plan will really help to see our overall financial situation and really helped us start to think about ways that we can improve from where we were at. Yeah, I personally, love the simplified form of having it all on one page because it can get confusing as we meet with our planner and having switching from this to this page, this page or trying to follow it all when it's just all in one compact form, um and you can discuss it and look at it all. I thought it was awesome.

What value do you feel comes from learning the Five Principles of Personal Finance?

Dan & Lori Conger: When I think of the five principles of personal finance, I think about the concept of having six months to one year of income um Set aside for say a lost job or whatever circumstances might come and early in our marriage. I remember um kind of feeling like this is not all that attainable but over the years we continue to work at it and and it feels like we're there and I feel like it's a principle that has an awful lot of value trying to teach our children similar principles and helping them to have that safety net um for their future. I personally love the idea that these are principles and not just tips or um a good idea. It's it's it's I love the idea of principle based planning because um principles are lasting and they are way you can build your life, you can build your life off of principles. And as we have tried to put into practice all five of these principles um I think it's brought a lot of peace of mind knowing that we're on track to take care of ourselves and our family long term. And that's a pretty hard thing to come by these days. So to be able to follow these principles and work at gaining the protection and wealth that we hope to gain. It brings a lot of peace of mind

Based on your experience, why do you feel others would benefit from going through a planning process with a Principles-Based Planner?

Dan & Lori Conger: I think meeting with a personal finance planner who is principle based is vital because then you can have peace of mind for the future. And I tell all my friends and family do this because it will change your life. And I see the struggles they have, and um I'm grateful that as we have followed these steps and met with the planner that he has made a big difference in our lives and I feel that it's it's a planner who really has your best interests at hand. I always felt that way, but like we're covering things that are of most value to us as clients and appreciate the opportunity to work with a principles based planner.

How do you feel this process has helped you think differently about your finances?

Dan & Lori Conger: I feel like this process has really helped me to Just think that there's not kind of a one one approach idea to planning. I feel like it helps remind me that there's a need to be well balanced and consider all the different aspects of our plan.

What value did you get from the book Principles-Based Planning?

Dan & Lori Conger: I personally loved the book Principles- Based Planning. Um I loved that it was easy enough for anybody to understand. I loved how it was broken up into different segments and kind of that each built upon each other. And I finished that book and felt like I was more aware of what principle planning really is and how it can really affect our lives. And it's a book I would recommend to anybody. I truly enjoyed it.

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