Cecil Shern's Testimonial for Unique Advantage

January 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cecil Shern, Pharmacist, philanthropist , Cecil's Pharmacy, Market, and properties

What was helpful about seeing all of your current financial situation all on one page with the Personal Financial Snapshot Model?

Cecil Shern: The personal financial snapshot all on one page is really helpful, especially the way that it shows how I'm doing in each of the five principles that Kyle espouses.

What value do you feel comes from learning the Five Principles of Personal Finance?

Cecil Shern: I like Kyle's five principles of money they teach the true financial principles in in the way that I see them and, and they're not arguable. in any other situation. And they introduced topics that other financial planners don't like to talk about, like lost opportunity, costs. Um, and it's just really helpful, um, especially on your way to personal financial freedom, it really helps track your, your progress towards that.

Based on your experience, why do you feel others would benefit from going through a planning process with a Principles-Based Planner?

Cecil Shern: I think anyone would benefit from going through these principles with a Principles-Based Financial Planner because ultimately it achieves financial freedom, which is what I hope everybody's after, I would think.

How do you feel this process has helped you think differently about your finances?

Cecil Shern: it's been so long since I I thought about these things in a traditional way that I I'm not exactly sure um how it's helped me to look at it through a different way, but um I know I know that it's helped me to look at my money as an investment in myself and not putting it away in different buckets for different things for everybody else to make money off of that. I invest my money in myself on my investments that make me more money and make me more financially secure. Um So yeah, I mean when you can buy businesses and properties and and things that help you financially and grow yourself more and more rather than just giving your money away to some institution or some other thing that makes you think you're growing your wealth. Um Yeah, it really helps you grab hold of your your own financial future.

What value did you get from the book Principles-Based Planning?

Cecil Shern: Oh yeah, Kyle's book um he's not going to like me for saying this, but I didn't get much out of it, and the reason for that is because he already taught me everything he knows. No, not really. Uh It was a good review. Um I picked up a few good points um but when you spend a lot of time with Kyle um you kind of get the idea um of everything in that book anyway, but it's a good read, it's a lot of fun.

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