Personal Financial Snapshot Video Testimonials

December 17, 2021

Video Transcript

How do you feel Personal Financial Snapshot has helped you as it relates to your confidence?

Personal Financial Snapshot has increased my confidence level tremendously. I think the major reason why is because as a multiple line agent, I lacked a process. I lacked a system, Um, and with Personal Financial Snapshot, it's given me that track to run on where I know that I'm touching on all the major areas of someone's financial plan. So I really feel like I'm able to help people more than before where mainly, you're dealing with just products. Um, whereas with the Personal Financial Snapshot model, you're you're dealing with principles. So I feel like a much more well rounded advisor, and I can help people in a lot more areas than just their auto and homeowner's insurance.

How have the Five Principles and the Personal Financial Snapshot software helped you with your clients?

The Five Principles and the Snapshot Software have helped me with my clients in the sense of giving me an opportunity to open up discussions about their finances that, you know, prior to adopting these principles myself, I would have struggled with that opportunity to talk to people about the real purpose of protection and why their maximum. Um, what is the Velocity of Money? Right? Explaining the Accumulation Theory, which is so ingrained in a lot of our clients. Um, so it's it's provided me with those opportunities to have those discussions. It's provided me with the language and word tracks to help people understand, um, finances and also to look at things more holistically has allowed for me to have more success in my sales because we're dealing with principles were not just, you know, dealing with products. So clients get the feeling that, "Okay, Matt's here to talk to me about principles, he's not just concerned about selling me a product." "He's talking to me about a lot of things that, you know, he might not get compensated for." "But, I trust what he's saying because he's asked me more questions than I've ever been asked before."

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