January 23, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Laurie

When thinking about the birth family, what kind of relationship are you hoping for?

Laurie: OK. This is so fun. This is my second time making another recording. I think this is super easy and a good platform. So this is my guinea pig um making a recording and rerecording and trying to see how much time, 30 seconds really last. And I love the direction. OK. Thank you.

What one word describes you best? Why? (If two people, pick a word for each person.)

Laurie: One word is super hard. My nickname as a kid was baby blabber, but I would say my word is passionate, very passionate and energized for everyone else.

What makes you different from other families?

Laurie: OK. I think this question is very hard, is my opinion. And obviously I've been listening to this. You have to do this in a quiet place because you can hear all my background noise. So, words of a winter here.

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