K-Lyn Employee Experience

September 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: K-Lyn, Pace

Tell us about your recruiter. Example: did they ask questions to understand what type of job was a good fit?

K-Lyn: Hi there, my name is K-Lyn Um My recruiter was Tiffany and she explained everything. Um everything. She helped me out a lot, especially when um it came to questions and me asking them. She was very patient with me and she was very, very thorough on um what the job entails and what was expected of me. Thank you.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of the process of working with your Pace recruiter?

K-Lyn: Okay. The favorite part for me of working with Tiffany is that she checked in with me periodically, uh making sure I was okay and that the job was treating me well and that I was doing okay with it. Um She's been great. Honestly, I would recommend this place to anyone um and tell them to go to Tiffany. Um Another favorite thing of mine was that she was very, very patient with me when I ask a lot of questions because I am a very anxious person and I do ask a lot of questions. So um thank you Tiffany.

What stands out to you about the overall communication with your recruiter and the job you are in now?

K-Lyn: What stands out most is that she would Tiffany would call me um or email me at least once a week just to check in with me, if not more. Um always telling me that um if I had any other questions, feel free to call her at any time. Um I'm very grateful for that. She's been very very, very kind, very compassionate and very understanding. Um so I very, really, really, really appreciate everything that Pace has done for me.

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