Clay Patterson for Employee Experience

September 01, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Clay Patterson

Tell us about your recruiter. Example: did they ask questions to understand what type of job was a good fit?

Clay Patterson: My name is Clay and I am currently living in Nebraska. I just moved up here from Mississippi and not knowing the area. I felt like I needed some help and so I sought out pace and the helpful lady, helpful lady that helped me was Sidney and I felt like she had made a good match for me and my employer. I feel like it was, it's a good match. It's a very good match. Just, it's better than I could have done myself. So yeah, Sydney did a good job.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of the process of working with your Pace recruiter?

Clay Patterson: I felt like working with Sydney was to my advantage because she knew the area and she knew she she had a pool to fish out of, and if you've ever been fishing, you've got to go where the fish are, you just can't drop your hook in uh in a bathtub and catch fish. So I really felt like going with Pace and having Sydney um be a a go between between me and an employer really made it beneficial and it took the leg work out of it. I felt like she was definitely um knowledgeable about what I needed and what the employer needed, and she put the two together and made a good match.

What stands out to you about the overall communication with your recruiter and the job you are in now?

Clay Patterson: years ago when I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi, I went through an agency to help find my first job after graduation. And the long story short of it, it was pretty much like here signed by and that was it. Never heard a word from him. And in this situation I'm given a lot of opportunities to talk to my recruiter and say, hey, this ain't what you promised, this ain't what they promised. And uh, I really feel like the communication level is totally open and um, I have a phone number that I can contact and if there's any discrepancy in what I was promised, um, hello and uh, and she answers, so that's very important, very important. It's made a big difference.

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