Nadine Petty for NASPActs

March 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nadine Petty, Chief Diversity Officer, University of New Hampshire

Why would the Guide be relevant to your campus community?

Nadine Petty: Our institution is working towards building a more inclusive and diverse campus. We've come really far over the past couple of years, but we have a long way ahead of us still to get the work done and to be where we aspire to be, particularly as it relates to education and practice. And so I think this guide would be a great resource or at least a jumping off point for campus partners interested in engaging in related discussions and actions. And I think it would also provide a good foundational framework, productive conversations and thought sharing. It's a nice coalition building tool and since our campus is very collaborative yet, we are divided as it relates to political opinions. This provides a great focus group facilitation for people with differing viewpoints. And so I think it would absolutely be a useful tool for us, specifically for us moving forward.

How do you envision utilizing this tool in your current role at your university?

Nadine Petty: I could absolutely see this guide being part of a leadership retreat for executive committee members to further develop conversations and strategies already in play. The guide also could be used with our faculty Senate DEI Committee. That DEI Committee was convened in response to students and their desire to center racially minoritized domestic groups in our general education courses and the questions and considerations for the deliberation of the guide are absolutely spot on. And they speak to some of the concerns around trade offs that the committee have already addressed in some ways, in our ongoing conversations and that the committee also needs to be prepared for and also be okay with.

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