Lorenzo M. Boyd, Ph.D. for NASPActs

March 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lorenzo M. Boyd, Ph.D., Stewart Professor of Community Policing, University of New Haven

Why would this guide be relevant to your campus community?

Lorenzo M. Boyd, Ph.D.: This guide is relevant because a lot of people need a starting place. A lot of people want to have the conversation but don't know how. The thing that I particularly liked about the guide is there are questions and considerations for deliberation. It asks probing questions or gives you talking points to start the conversation. I also appreciate that there are three different approaches. Because not one approach is going to work for everyone and people have different learning modalities, so approaching it from different perspectives is really important. The other thing that I really appreciated, this guide is student focused and it's data driven. It's not just something that somebody believes will work, but there's actually research that's gone into this and it puts the students first. It's about a feeling of belonging and unless students feel like they belong, nothing that we do is going to work or is going to stick.

How do you envision utilizing this tool in your current role at your university?

Lorenzo M. Boyd, Ph.D.: First and foremost, I think I could use this tool in the classroom. Because before we can get to the point of talking about material or even talking about pedagogy, we have to build a safe space where everybody belongs. A sense of belonging is the first place that education happens. And using this tool will help build and design that safe space.

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