Paul Schwartz - DoGood Member Testimonial

July 28, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Paul Schwartz, SVP IT Operations & Infrastructure, Paul Schwartz

Why do you love being a member of DoGood?

Paul Schwartz: Hello. My name is Paul Schwartz and I'm the senior vice president of operations for US Foods and I really appreciate this opportunity to tell the story of why I love the do good organization. You know, it can be really tough to navigate through all of the vendor requests I get every week and ideally I'd like to meet with just the right type of vendors in the most efficient way possible and do good has allowed me to do just that by getting to know me in the areas of interest I have and then providing me recommendations to pick from. I really value the connection they've helped me secure with vendors who tie right back to the needs I have and you can offer me innovative solutions that I might not otherwise have had exposure to. And along the way, I've been able to raise much needed funds for our favorite charity ST mary's Food Bank. So thank you. Do good for helping me to network in a way that's certainly a win-win relationship for everybody involved

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