Deepak Sharma - DoGood Member Testimonial

July 28, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Deepak Sharma, Global IT Director, Business Solutions & Support , Agility

Why do you love being a member of DoGood?

Deepak Sharma: I'm a member of Do Good for over three years. During this time I've talked to a number of companies. The companies that do good has recommended are well established and professional organizations. As a global I. T. Director. I do not have the time to find vendors for many of our requirements through do good. A lot of time is saved um in that I would have spent in looking for vendors. The primary reason I enjoy working do good is the fact that a professional organization. They recommend companies or email or text messages to me and I have the time to do my own due diligence before respond back to do good with whether I want to talk to them or not. There's no pressure from low Good. I don't get recording phone calls asking me to talk to the companies that recommended which I really value since there's no pressure from their side and to add icing to the cake I get an opportunity of supporting a charity of my choice. Excellent work and thank you Do Good for the great service.

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