Andrea Rothmuller - DoGood Member Testimonial

July 28, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrea Rothmuller, Senior Marketing Manager, 3 Day Blinds

Why do you love being a member of DoGood?

Andrea Rothmuller: Hi, my name is Andrea Roth Mueller. I'm the senior marketing manager at three day blinds and we've been working with do good for a couple of years now and I love, you know, getting their their weekly emails, just introducing us to new partners and potential vendors that we could work with. Um they've taken time to find out what our needs are and what we're looking to achieve what our business goals are. And the best part is if I have a call with one of these companies and um you know, whether or not we end up signing a contract and working together, we get to donate money to a cause of our choice. And I love being able to donate to one of my favorite organizations in Los Angeles, which is most a nonprofit that is a college access program. So um, we love working with you Good And um, it's just, it's a great resource, especially when we get so many cold calls and cold emails. It's just a lot more personal and um intimate and it's a great way to kind of get to know uh different vendors and companies in the industry.

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