Bryn - 60 Day Testimonial

October 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bryn

What was the #1 obstacle that was holding you back with your fitness before joining the program?

Bryn: The number one obstacle for me was a structured plan. I had bits and pieces of information, but it wasn't in consolidate into one major approach. Ali really helped me tie everything together and build a plan for me that that I could really commit to.

2. What do you like most about the program and working with Ali? How do you find the workouts and nutrition?

Bryn: for me, what I like most about the program is the structure, how detailed it is, it's all laid out for you. So all you really need to do is execute all these very timely with his feedback and gets back to you super quick, which is, which is important, in my opinion, the workouts are great doing different exercises that, you know, I've never done before or maybe chose not to do, um which is kind of just expanding my horizons a touch and on the nutrition and the things, I don't really find it hard to eat the same things in and out. Um, but you know, to each their own, um you know, you just have to kind of find what works and Ali is very open in terms of doing so.

How long have you been working with Ali and what success have you had? (weight loss, how you're feeling, breakthroughs, mental health)

Bryn: So I started working with ali just over two months ago. I started at just over 231 lbs and as of this morning I'm at about 212 so quite a bit of weight lost over the last two months and a bit overall. You know, I feel great about it. Um You know, you get all those wonderful things that happen when you lose, a lot of weight people notice, you know, your clothes don't fit the same. They used to just overall feel a lot better. So in that respect, you know, everything's been really fantastic.

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