Joseph Preston's Dream for OurDay

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Joseph Preston, Finance Sustainment Director

Joseph Preston: What I've enjoyed about OurDay is the community and everybody's working together to get things done. It's been a nice adventure, um, since I came on board, built some teams and got everybody involved, basically pushing and training out and fight that everybody's working hard to catch everything up and become a better part of making our day great.

My innovative idea for OurDay is ...

Joseph Preston: My innovative idea, I wish I could have all the training. All the people involved in everybody train at one time. They go on a road show and take training to each engine department, depending on what they do. Everybody does not do the same thing. So AP in one place is not AP in another place, so we really need to go to a graduate level or where people need smaller departments to get access to training and maybe do a hand hand holding because they do need different training than the overall, higher up training.

I wish I could ...

Joseph Preston: I wish I could have been here to start a project to implement all the ideas and things I've learned in my seven years of being and WorkDay in all the years I was in S. A. P. In my county finance background. God.

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