Valda Grant's Dream for OurDay

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Valda Grant, Communications Coordinator , MUHA

What I've enjoyed about OurDay is ...

Valda Grant: Okay. Okay. So I've enjoyed using OurDay thus far because of it being a centralized source of information so I can find almost almost everything in one place, although everything is not perfect yet. I am able to find contact information, billing information for people, their addresses and telephone numbers in one place. Thank you.

My innovative idea for OurDay is ...

Valda Grant: My innovative idea for our day is to have maybe a feed from assignment messaging system so that we can select um the billing codes more easily for the accounts that we set up, because we don't need all of the accounts in our system, but each account does need a billing code.

I wish I could ...

Valda Grant: So I wish I could access our day and all of the information for every employee be up to date, including full address and location, their billing information so that when those of us that need that information to complete other accounts um that the information would be available, Thank you.

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