Tracy Pierce's Dream for OurDay

March 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tracy Pierce, Admin Coordinator, MUSC Health Finance

What I've enjoyed about OurDay is ...

Tracy Pierce: Hi, what I've enjoyed about OurDay is the ease of everything. Everything is right there at my fingertips. I don't have to go to a lot of different apps or other places to get all of my information and to create invoices and reports and do just everything I need to do. And so that's what I really enjoy about our day.

My innovative idea for OurDay is ...

Tracy Pierce: Hi, my innovative idea for our day is a slacker lounge where you can go in and you can share recipes. Tell Great Dad jokes, uh, talk about the movie you saw this past weekend, anything that doesn't have to do with work and you can get to know your coworkers and your friends in a personal way, and in addition to the work way.

I wish I could ...

Tracy Pierce: In OurDay, I wish I could see my entire history, both entities of MUSC that I have worked for, not just the last one. That would be awesome.

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