Shelley's Dream for OurDay

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shelley, AP Supervisor , C001

What I've enjoyed about OurDay is ... (repeat in your video)

Shelley: Hello. What I've enjoyed about WorkDay is the fact that people are able to see where their request is at or where where it's at in the process. If it's waiting on someone, if it's pending approval by another department, it's very hands on. And I find that to be very beneficial for all the end users, just everyone involved. Thanks.

My innovative idea for OurDay is ...

Shelley: My innovative idea is for WorkDay to have more accessible reports.

I wish I could ...

Shelley: I wish that work. They could enhance. One of the features that I wish I could enhance would be when I'm searching for something and automatically defaults to the company that I work for instead of always have to put in company one. I wish that it was just default based on the person's work area. Thanks.

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