Danielle Thomas — My Dream for OurDay

February 28, 2023

Video Transcript

What I've enjoyed about OurDay is ... (repeat in your video)

Hi, my name is Danielle Thomas and I'm the administrative coordinator for the department of diversity equity and inclusion. And what I like best about OurDay is the convenience of being able to move around campus and being able to log in on your phone and on your ipads while you're moving around. I think that's very good. What I think I wish I could do is have a little bit more access to viewing pay statuses and things. I know that's like a security role, so just reach out easier to get that security role in my moving into this role I'm in now. So I wish I could do that a little bit more easy and my innovative idea. I would say that our day is going pretty well. Just kind of working out the kinks, maybe have a better form of the reference and tip guys to eliminate the calls to the help desk. I know some of the help, the reference guys and the tips are not quite accurate in some of the steps, but I know we're working out the kinks, so I hope to get that uh fixed and have a better like instructional guide for our day. Other than that, I know we're all learning and moving forward our day together and working it out. So I'm excited to see uh what we change and learn together going forward. Thank you

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