Software Engineer - A Mobican Story

March 01, 2022

Mobica employee, a software engineer sharing her experience working with Mobica. Join Mobica. Be Extraordinary_

Video Transcript

Speaker: Małgorzata Wojnarowska, Software Engineer, Mobica

Please introduce yourself

Małgorzata Wojnarowska: Hi, I am Malgorzata Wojnarowska and I am a software engineer for Mobica. I am from Bydgoszcz in Poland, but I work from home. I am also a mother for two small children, which voices you can sometimes hear during my calls.

What does your job involve?

Małgorzata Wojnarowska: With my team we create software for network cards. My job involves mainly development, but also sometimes a little bit of testing or documentation reading.

What is the favourite part of your role and the team at Mobica?

Małgorzata Wojnarowska: So the favourite part of my role at Mobica, it's definitely the ability to create the stuff I really enjoyed this moment when I test my code and it does exactly what I wanted to, I find it really satisfying to develop new code. I also like the part when I understand something for the first time, or when I figure out a solution to a problem and suddenly everything just clicks right. It is really a great feeling. I also love that I am able to work with such experience and passionate colleagues of mine who have this great knowledge, and they are eager to share it with me, so I am learning a lot,

What do you think clients would say about Mobica?

Małgorzata Wojnarowska: I think that clients are satisfied with Mobica. I see them coming back with new products, so I think that this is the best recommendation and the best appreciation we could have.

Any advice for people applying to work for Mobica?

Małgorzata Wojnarowska: I would say, definitely do that. come and see for yourself that this is a great place to work at.

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