Senior Software Developer - A Mobican Story

March 03, 2022

Employee Testimonial - Senior Software Developer sharing her Mobica career story

Video Transcript

Speaker: Karina Murawko-Wiśniewska, Senior Software Developer, Mobica

Please introduce yourself

Karina Murawko-Wiśniewska: Hi, I'm Karena. I'm from Poland. I am Software Developer in Mobica. I've been working with Mobica for four years.

How would you summarise what you do?

Karina Murawko-Wiśniewska: I'm working on different stages of software development. We try to understand the requirements of the customer. Then we prepare design. Then we implement software validate it. And of course, in the end we do bug fixing. And this is the part I like most because I feel like a detective who is trying to find a solution to an issue.

How is working with Mobica different from other companies?

Karina Murawko-Wiśniewska: Mobica is an outsourcing company. That means we are working for different customers and on different software products. While working in Mobica software developers has possibility to work in different technologies. For example, I was working in the mobile technologies and now I'm working in the cloud.

What has your career path been at Mobica?

Karina Murawko-Wiśniewska: I've started as a software developer. Later, I was promoted to senior software developer. Now I'm leading a team of around 10 people. I also got the new role group manager which will allow me to support others self development.

What moment has made you most proud to work at Mobica?

Karina Murawko-Wiśniewska: It's not a moment. It's rather a constant feeling of being happy to work with Mobica where, the gender or nationality is not important, only the competences and your engagement in work.

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