Project Manager - A Mobican Story

March 02, 2022

Project Manager Justyna Półrola shares her journey with Mobica

Video Transcript

Speaker: Justyna Półrola, Project Manager, Mobica Limited

Please introduce yourself

Justyna Półrola: Hi. My name is Justyna Półrola and I am the project manager here in Mobica. I'm based in Łódź Poland. I have been working for Mobica for eight years and I started as an office assistant. And then I got an amazing opportunity to join the project management world.

What does your job involve?

Justyna Półrola: In general, my work involves initiation, leading and implementing projects. Projects are led through using standard methodology and best practices approach. Apart from that, my my work involves all range of activities related to team management, like daily contact with the engineers. I perceived myself as the link between the client and the project team members.

What is the favourite part of your role and the team at Mobica?

Justyna Półrola: My favourite part of my role is the unpredictability factor. You come to work and need to face new challenges on daily basis. All of the challenges are from different areas like accounting, building, resourcing, HR or even IT It's impossible to predict the whole to do list for a particular day when it comes to the favourite part of the team at Mobica. It's hard to pick one. Mobica created such a supportive environment where we are working in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, build on a lot of bonding events and activities.

What do you think clients would say about Mobica?

Justyna Półrola: They would say that they are enjoying working with industry experts who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Uh, what else? That we are a group of enthusiasts. We are open minded and, yeah, they definitely can rely on us.

Any advice for people applying to work for Mobica?

Justyna Półrola: Okay. I'm not sure if there are any golden rules, but be yourself. Be open and positive. Tell us your story and we are here to listen.

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