Software Engineer- A Mobican's Story

March 03, 2022

UK Based Software Engineer shares his story working with Mobica

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dele Ogunjumelo, Software Engineer

Please introduce yourself

Dele Ogunjumelo: My name is Dele Ogunjumelo I've been with Mobica since 2012 and I work within the engineering team.

How would you summarise what you do?

Dele Ogunjumelo: Basically, we help our customers solving hard engineering problems. Most of the projects I've worked on have been mainly Embedded Systems based solutions. So that's helping customers with product development, helping with testing and maybe quality assessment, trying to get maybe a performance evaluation of an implementation. So it's mostly working individually, working in a team and sometimes going over to the customer site or working remotely in order to bring about. these solutions.

How is working with Mobica different from other companies?

Dele Ogunjumelo: from other companies. I think the key thing here is the opportunity to work on different products and different projects. So you get exposed to trending technologies, new methodologies, and I think this exposure is quite very beneficial in the sense that you kind of feel being at the forefront of technology development.

What has your career path been at Mobica?

Dele Ogunjumelo: My career path within Mobica as strictly been within the engineering teams, but I've also taken on various roles and different responsibilities at some point in time. For instance, in 2013 I was in the sales team for almost a year where I was involved in trying to get leads for Mobica and

Dele Ogunjumelo: it was a nice experience in the sense that I got to understand more about the commercial aspect of the business and also how this interfaced with the engineering teams, following the experience I joined, I went back into the engineering teams where I was involved in various end projects ranging from smart between solution, implementation, a car infotainment system development, a machine learning performance evaluation task and basically just, taking on various projects which involved delivering a solution to our clients. Additionally, I took on the responsibility of a line manager whereby in the early days, and this was more about helping junior engineers who just joined Mobica whereas recently, it's more about trying to make sure that senior and experienced engineers have no obstacles in their part just to make it easier for them to do that task and then maybe achieve their goals and objectives easily.

What moment has made you most proud to work at Mobica?

Dele Ogunjumelo: It's very difficult to pick a moment where I could say working for Mobica has made me proud. But what I can say is like I would say having the opportunity to work on projects where the solutions or the products developed have helped the lives of people significantly, I would say that's made me proud being involved in that being involved involved in those sorts of projects, I would say, has made me proud of working for Mobica.

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