Principal Consultant - A Mobican Story

March 02, 2022

Employee Video Testimonial - Mobica Employee shares his experience working with Mobica

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andy Gould, Principal Consultant, Mobica Ltd

Please introduce yourself

Andy Gould: Hi. My name is Andy Gould I'm Principal Consultant here at Mobica.

What does your job involve?

Andy Gould: As a Principal Consultant, I generally sit on the technical interface between our customers and our engineering teams. This means I work on things like estimating high level designs requirements and generally supporting the teams with technical issues and other difficult challenges that we have to work through with the customers.

What is the favourite part of your role and the team at Mobica?

Andy Gould: I've been Mobican for a long time now, and the whole idea has changed quite a lot over the years as I've gained more experience. This led to a lot of variety, and this is one of the things that I really enjoy about the job variety, both in terms of the projects that I work on and the different people and cultures that I'm exposed to. When I started, I travelled a lot and got to live in some really cool places around Europe, and now I don't tend to travel as much. But I still interact with customers, and our teams all around the world in terms of projects, have worked on mobile phones, Web, back end systems, small footprint embedded devices, graphics drivers and automotive projects, from entertainment systems to telematics. It's the variety and breadth of work that I get to undertake. That's really what, sells this job to me

What do you think clients would say about Mobica?

Andy Gould: Working with Mobica I think most of our customers would say this. We tend to try and be a partner rather than necessarily a subservient supplier. We know that will be most successful when our customers are, and that means helping them to build the best products that they can. This sometimes might mean that having we're having in-depth discussions about customer designs or simply working with them to plan a delivery better. The key to it all is generally in communication and trust and building that level of cooperation between the teams.

Any advice for people applying to work for Mobica?

Andy Gould: Working with Mobica is brilliant. It's generally pretty busy, but you'll get to work with some amazingly talented people. You'll learn all the time, and you have some good social times, too. I think the key to getting the most out of Mobica is loving to learn new things, being happy to question everything and constantly striving for improvement. There are loads of opportunities here, and if you're flexible about what you're prepared to try, you'll be amazed at what you're able to do, yes.

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