Matt Hanson talks about the Hip Hook

October 20, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matt Hansom, Pro Triathlete, Matt Hanson Racing

Why did you start using the Hip Hook?

Matt Hansom: Hi, I'm Matt Hanson. I've been using the Hip Hook for about nine months now. I discovered the Hip Hook as I was desperately searching for something to help me with a very tight Iliopsoas. I struggled with that for over two years, ignoring the symptoms, just pushing through it, and eventually it reared its ugly head as a sacral stress fracture on the opposite side. So I was compensating so much that it caused an injury that took me out of running for almost six months. So finding the Hip Hook was really important for me, for my career as a professional triathlete. I've been able to get back to running and running fairly well. So my favorite part of the Hip Hook is helping me find my stride again.

How is the Hip Hook different from other tools you've tried?

Matt Hansom: I used a number of other methods to try to help release the iliopsoas, especially the iliacus portion. That was where I was having all of my pain. When I would sneeze, it would bring me to tears. And basically I was going to physios, I was using something called the Pso-Rite, And what was happening there was that I was able to get a pretty good job of releasing the psoas, but I wasn't getting into the iliacus specifically. And the problem is the two muscles talk to each other. And so if you release one and not the other, since they have a common insertion, that feedback goes back down the chain and up the other. And so I was releasing the psoas but the next day it would be right back to being really wound up being tight again. And so, whether it was done with manual therapy with a physio, or with the Pso-Rite or trying to use a ball or something else, I just wasn't able to get into the iliacus region enough. And so the Hip Hook was really the first thing that I've found that's helped me both get at the psoas and the iliacus portion, and it's led to a much more long-term thing, rather than just constantly trying to redo the psoas over and over and over again.

How does the Hip Hook improve your performance?

Matt Hansom: The Hip Hook has helped me improve my performance by helping me find my run stride again. I spent almost two years fighting my stride. I didn't have the proper hip extension especially on the right side. And so now that I've been using the Hip Hook religiously as part of my daily warm up routine, and then any other time I'm having a little bit of tightness in the area. I've really been able to find my run stride again. And despite the fact that I'm a little older than I was a few years ago, I'm running as good now as I ever have then.

Why would you recommend the Hip Hook?

Matt Hansom: I think that almost anybody could find benefit from using the Hip Hook. As humans, we spend way too much time sitting, which causes tight hip flexors. Tight hip flexors can cause problems both up and down the chain - it can cause issues with your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. So using the Hip Hook, even if you're not really having a lot of those sensations at this point in time, using the Hip Hook can really be kind of one of those ounce of prevention type tools that may benefit you and may prevent something from arising later on down the road.

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