Paola Spagnoletti for Customer Stories

March 15, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Paola Spagnoletti

Paola Spagnoletti: Hi. My name is Powell. A. I am a mom of two. Um, I am obsessed with LoveHandle LoveHandle I got a LoveHandle Pro, uh, right around Christmas time And honestly, it is one of the favorite things that I own. Favorite new little gadgets I own the ability that it has to turn my phone into. Um a kickstand, I guess, is the right word. Either vertically or horizontally is the best thing. I got rid of all the phone stands I had in my house that were cluttering up space. And now this allows me to move from room to room seamlessly being able to stream and do whatever I need to do and always have my phone sitting near me on a counter at the perfect angle. I love this thing.

Paola Spagnoletti: I think the best thing I love about the love handle pro that I have is the fact that it is, um, it can turn your phone into a phone stand and it holds it at that perfect angle. It's honestly made my life so much easier in so many ways. The magnetic feature on it is also so useful because when I am near things, um, that can use the magnet. I don't even have to worry about propping my phone up with its phone stand. Um, with the love handle, it just can stick to anything magnetic, and the magnetic grip on it is so strong that I'm never worried about failing at any point.

Paola Spagnoletti: So I feel like I basically owned all the grips out there. I've had pop sockets. I've had loopy cases. This is by far my favorite, and I will keep repurchasing this. I will keep telling all my friends about it. Um, I buy them for gifts. I think that they are so useful beyond what people can understand. The pop sockets are great because you can basically turn your phone into a fidget toy. But as far as usability this, the fact that this can prop up your phone, um, the love handle pro can probably your phone on any surface. It just surpasses the usability of pop sockets. Loopy cases always feel very loose on my fingers. I have very, um, small kind of thin fingers, and, um, they always just felt a little too floppy and the love handle pro. It just always feels very snug. Your phone is not going anywhere, Um, and again, the addition of that wonderful phone stand feature that it adds is just It takes it up to the 20th power

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