Nikky Jones for Customer Stories

March 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Nikky Jones

Nikky Jones: Hey, guys. I just wanted to tell you how much I love my LoveHandle. Um, my name is Nikki. I am, uh, mother of two girls, a toddler and an infant. And we are always taking pictures and selfies and a lot of the times they don't stay still. Which means my phone either goes flying out of my hand or lands on the floor or accidentally hitting one of them. However, since I got my LoveHandle, um, I'm able to keep a grip on on my phone. So, um, I noticed that when we take pictures now, and, uh, they accidentally hit my phone, My phone doesn't go flying. And also because I have kids and because I have, um, work in school, I always have my handful. So this just helps so much more, um, preventing me from dropping my phone. So, guys, if you don't have a LoveHandle, get yourself a LoveHandle. It's the best thing ever. I promise you, you won't regret it.

Nikky Jones: Hi. My name is Nikki. I'm a mother of two. Um, I work full time and I go to school full time to get my degree as a nurse. And let me tell you, I love LoveHandle! I love the convenience. See of it. I love that I'm able to do wireless charges while it's on the back of my phone. There's just an endless amount of things that I love about LoveHandle.

Nikky Jones: one example about how convenient and safe LoveHandle has made. My phone is when you have daughters, especially two little daughters. Um, they love taking pictures and you take a lot of selfies as a pair and a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, when you're trying to get everyone in the picture and you have Children that don't really sit still, um, they end up kicking your phone or hitting your hand and your phone literally goes flying out of your hand. Um, so I was just getting so frustrated, and I was like, Okay, well, no matter what I used, I used to have a grip, and I used to, like, hold on to it, but the phone was still flying out of my hand. So someone suggested the love handle, and I got it, and I can put as many fingers as I need to keep a grip on it while I'm able to use my other fingers to take selfies. So selfies have become much easier. And actually, my daughter, the infant has kicked my hand while I was using it in my phone did not go flying across the room. It was great

Nikky Jones: Okay, So before LoveHandle, I had one of those pop grips Can't remember what is what it was called. But, um, it it was bulky. And especially when you have Children, you kind of want to put your phone in your pocket or, um sometimes, uh, when you want to charge it, we actually use a wireless charger. So it wasn't really We weren't able to use our wireless charger because of that pop grip that we had. But once I switched to LoveHandle, I'm able to utilize the wireless charger, and it's so thin and convenient that actually fits in my pocket, which is great, because usually my hands are full with care and the kids carrying my books and my, um, work backpack and the diaper backpack. So it fits in my hand, which is love in my pocket, which is lovely. Also, if it doesn't end up in my pocket, I have It fits my fingers so it does not fall off, and I'm able to carry other things as well. So it's been great

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