Matthew Wegner for Customer Stories

March 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Matthew Wegner

Matthew Wegner: Hi. My name is Matt. I'm in San Jose, California, and I love LoveHandles. I've been trying to figure out how to put a magnetic back on my phone and also repositioned my LoveHandle. And I was super excited to get an email from you guys showing that you've got magnets now built into one of your LoveHandles. Just bought one today. And I'm gonna be able to continue using my LoveHandle and also use it in my car with the magnetic backing to to use it for maps and everything else, so I really appreciate it. You guys are awesome. Uh, love your product so much that I got one for my wife, and I have several that, um, I'll swap out on on the back just to keep it fresh and keep the band elastic tight. Thanks for adding the magnets. Appreciate it.

Matthew Wegner: uh, my name is Matt. I'm in San Jose, California And LoveHandle makes it super easy for me to hold my phone with one hand and have no risk of dropping it or damaging it. Super convenient and, um, really low profile. So it's easy to also put the phone in my pocket, Love what you guys are doing and, uh, love the LoveHandle.

Matthew Wegner: Hi, My name is Matt. I'm in San Jose, California I've used a pop socket in the past and then different phone cases. None of them really worked for me, but the LoveHandle is perfect. I can hold the phone with one hand popping one finger through the love handle, and it makes it really easy and convenient. And it's also simple and low profile, so I can fit it in my pocket when I want to as well love what you guys are doing.

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