Becky Nictakis, CEO, Capitol Funding Solutions

February 16, 2023

Keynote speaker Becky Nictakis provides tips for grant writing discusses who should attend LAFA's Grant Expo.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Becky Nictakis

What organization do you work for and what is its mission?

Becky Nictakis: My name's Becky Nictakis and I'm the CEO of Capital Funding Solutions. We work with organizations to help find and win federal funding.

Why are you participating in or participating with LAFA to conduct the Grant Expo?

Becky Nictakis: Well, we're a D.C. based company. We started in Baton Rouge Louisiana. We love to find funding to bring home to Louisiana.

What two tips would you give anyone seeking a grant?

Becky Nictakis: Organizations with successful grant programs never chase money just to find money. They have a list of funding priorities, and they're ready before the grants ever come out. The most important work is done before it's open.

Who should attend the Expo?

Becky Nictakis: Our client base is wide and varied. We can help find federal money for local governments, for nonprofits, for tribes, economic development groups, ports and for profit businesses. So much federal funding is available for all different types of organizations, come on out and hear about it.

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