Unmesh for LivePerson PAC - Customer Voice & Vision

March 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Unmesh Kulkarni, VP of Product

What is your key takeaway from the London PAC gathering?

Unmesh Kulkarni: What is your key takeaway from the London PAC gathering high? Yeah, this is really good to be here at London PAC and meet so many of our customers of the customers shared with us, their roadmap, their ideas, their vision and how LivePerson can help realize their, their plans. So that was really fantastic. One key takeaway was they're very excited about our roadmap and where we are taking our customers in terms of our roadmap feature rollouts and things. So that is a good level of alignment. The couple of other things where we, I think we need to do more work is communicating that roadmap on a regular basis and bringing our customers together on a quarterly basis to get their feedback. number two, they also need a lot of hand holding and guidance from us in terms of knowledge about our product suite, the features and some hand holding with the rollouts. So that's I think the area for our focus in terms of what we want to do next.

What excites you about the future of AI and your partnership with LivePerson?

Unmesh Kulkarni: So what excites you about the future of AI. That's a really great question. And we have some fantastic stuff on our roadmap that I feel presented really well with the customers here at the PAC, in particular, the ideas about driving more efficiency into their operations through use of AI and automation, connecting our new LLM bots into the existing automation and bots in Conversation Builder that I think is going to drive a lot of efficiency and better customer experience for our brands. That's what probably excites me the most about are going forward.

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