LivePerson PAC - Debbie Astley - Edyn (internal only)

March 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Debbie Astley, Director of Digital Transformation, Edyn

What is your key takeaway from the London PAC gathering?

Debbie Astley: How forward thinking the LivePerson are in the space of contact strategy, automation. Everything that I've heard today is we've been talking about ourselves over the last month, six weeks, two months. Hugely excited where this can go and it becomes the foundation of our whole contact strategy allows us to differentiate different clients and different values and we were to pass them to have the most efficient use of serving. But with that context behind how you then serve, which is just great, that Voice bot I think is tremendous.

What outcomes are you delivering for your business today with AI-powered customer engagement?

Debbie Astley: So we're working at the moment with a LivePerson on AI automation for use cases like cancelation of a reservation, modifications of a reservation, and that sort of simple automation. But taking this to the next level of LLM and having that sort of richer question and layered responses is really going to have that human touch to the interactions and really build confidence with our guests to how to be served in that way. We operate across B2B as well as B2C and B2B are typically liking a human to answer that. And I think this bridges the gap really for how we serve both segments.

What excites you about the future of AI and your partnership with LivePerson?

Debbie Astley: I think just the bringing a whole contact strategy together across the business. And I think it takes the fragmented ways of, you know, whether it's FAQs or whether it's content, whether it's agents understanding our product, it simplifies that whole approach because the bot is doing all the work, the automation is doing all the work and it just allows our, our teams to just be confident, serving as opposed to, are they serving the right content? I think the way we're working with LivePerson now, hugely excites me about where it can go. I think, you now. We can come up with so many use cases and it's about whether we can do them in time before the next ones there. I think it's a case of keeping up the pace to gain the attraction over our competitors.

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