LivePerson Culture

February 22, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Clinton Alver, Director, Strategic Accounts. David Gondorf, Dir. Billing & Collections. Marlene Kassens, Global Workplace Manager. Ashwini Ganeshan, Conversation Designer

We asked some of our team members what's great about LivePerson...

Clinton Alver: From Australia, New Zealand, across Asia, the US, Europe, Israel, the United Kingdom. I've met and worked with some fantastic people, both clients and colleagues, and we've worked on projects that have really changed the way that customers have engaged with brands.

Marlene Kassens: is hands down the people. I love the humans that work at LivePerson person all around the world. We each have so much to offer to one another, to the company, to our product, to our clients and the people is what makes this company great.

Ashwini Ganeshan: What I love about working at LivePerson are the people! They're intelligent, they're competent and they're empathetic, which is the best part. And we're all working at the forefront of conversational AI and we're passionate about it.

Simone Smith: It means being in a place where people are passionate and they truly care. I think about the folks I work with and they're more than just my co-workers. They are people that are genuinely caring about my well being. So those are just little nuances. I think about when it comes to what culture means to me, life person.

Jimmy Wang: A company that sees its employees as people rather than assets. I've worked at another company long enough to know the difference between a healthy work environment and a non- healthy one. And it's true what they say. People don't choose to work for companies. They choose to work for the people at that company. Thank you.

David Gondorf: The possibilities, endless opportunities, and knowing that I'm working with a group of people that are empathetic, mindful, and understand that together we can achieve almost anything peace.

Our people make our culture. We're so happy you're a part of it!

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