Stephanie Drzymkowski for Customer Service Interview Professional

March 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephanie Drzymkowski

What kind of job are you seeking? (Customer Service, Administrative, Accounting, Operations, etc)

Stephanie Drzymkowski: I am looking for an administrative assistant position. Um, anything in the office, data entry, things of that nature, um, preferably an office job would be, um, the job that I'm seeking.

Tell us about your last 2-3 jobs including your job title, length of employment, what you liked about each job and why you left

Stephanie Drzymkowski: Well, my current job that I'm at is with an insurance company. I've been with them since 2 2011 and um, often on part time, I am an administrative assistant there and also, um, I basically do the filing, answer phone calls, um, uh sort through documents, um, correct any um, errors that around them. Uh Also make sure everything's updated. The reason why I want to leave is because the location is pretty far and the commute is more than two hours sometimes um, to get there or even to get home as well. Um Okay. So that's the reason why is the location why I'm planning on leaving. And uh the other job that I was, was a recruiter for a staffing agency. I did the hiring and interview process also, um, went through different sources for, for applicants, um, did resumes their, um, the reason why I left there is because I got offered another position at another company that paid more, um which was in hr position. I was the administrative assistant there working directly under the hr supervisor, um, assisting her with her daily needs and tasks, um, like um filing passing out checks making sure the policies are up to date, um, checking in the files, making sure the files were correctly sorted and, um, got rid of any old files that needed to be removed. Um, and yeah, the reason why I left there was that I got laid off, um, the hr manager, um, she ended up leaving the job and since I didn't have somebody to work directly above me, um, I got laid off in that process and so that then I just kind of, since I had the part time job also, um, at the insurance company really didn't affect me too much, but, you know, I am looking for full time position as well and, um, something that's more local for me.

What would you consider your strengths and weaknesses?

Stephanie Drzymkowski: My strengths are my positive attitude, easy to learn new tests. Um, works well with others also can work independently. Um, Microsoft, um, office experience. No Spanish sort of, um, dependable, uh, professional, flexible, um, in the workplace. Um, my weaknesses would be, I wouldn't say I wouldn't have any. Um, I think to me, my weakness probably would be, um, always trying to perfect my work and that's it.

What days are you available (some positions include some weekends) and what pay range are you seeking?

Stephanie Drzymkowski: Okay. So I'm available Monday through Friday. Um, maybe Two weekends out of the month. I would be available to work. And also the pay range is anywhere between $20 an hour to 30. Um, and yeah, it depending on the position, um, I'm taking.

Is there any other information that would help us find the right job for you that wasn't covered in this interview?

Stephanie Drzymkowski: Um, I think I pretty much covered everything. The perfect job for me would be, you know, like I said, in an office somewhere, you know, um, fast paced, enjoy working in a fast paced environment with, you know, um, with a decent pay and that's, yeah, that's about it.

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