Esteban Ocegueda for LINK Staffing Video Interview - Industrial Staffing

March 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Esteban Ocegueda, machine operator

What kind of job are you looking for? (General Labor, order puller, assembler machine operator, forklift operator, shipping & receiving etc)

Esteban Ocegueda: My goal is to get the position of machine operator.

Tell us about your last 2-3 jobs including your job title, length of employment, what you liked about each job and why you left

Esteban Ocegueda: My first job was at Acapulco Travel and income tax Services in La Habra. I was a cashier there. Um International and national Money Exchanging Services. I also did check, cashing. I did bill paying occasionally. There was also printing papers at customer's request. I sent boxes to South America and well, we wrapped the packages and send it to the respective place. They wanted, the customer wanted us to send it to. I did phone recharges, um international and national bill paying. Um I also recently started a job like two years ago. Um It's called where I still work at. It's called anime monster. I am a customer service there. I, we always have teamwork. Um So we help the customers if they need anything. I was also a cashier there and I mostly helped out an inventory and see what the store had helped out my friend if they needed to carry anything. Uh The reason, hi, I'm looking for a new job is solely for the purpose of wanting to improve my, how much I make. Um I'm trying to get paid even more and find new lengths and not stay stuck in place

Tell us about any expertise you have (eg forklift, assembly, s&r, degrees or certifications etc) and how long you have had that expertise

Esteban Ocegueda: My primary area of expertise is customer service. And also being at the cashier when I was in high school, I took a class called Professional internship, which they taught us the etiquette we needed to have at work, we had to present ourselves. And I did do two fields of training which were internships. One of them was at B C T and entertainment. They taught me how to operate a forklift. They taught me how the companies operated at the time. Um I also helped out at the Sheriff's Office, which they also taught me were getting kit how to present myself how to help out. And currently I am also a second year in college. I finished my second year in college and I'm looking to transfer, but at the moment, I still am looking for a place to transfer.

Let us know what days and shifts you are available for, your expected pay range, and anything else that will help us find you the right job

Esteban Ocegueda: I'm available Monday through Friday. Um, morning or afternoon shift should be okay. I'm currently making 16 an hour and I'm looking to make more than that. So I'd be grateful if you could help me find a job that could help me earn more.

Any last thoughts that weren't covered in the interview that can help us find the correct position for you

Esteban Ocegueda: I have an uncle that works in the company named State Tech and it would be great if I could also work in the same company, which is Day Tech. Um.

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