Samsung Expert Testimonials

July 04, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Mariel, Philippines. Shalini, India. Renz, Philippines. Ynah, Philippines. Margarita, UK. Mary, Philippines. Ryan, Scotland

Tell us a bit about yourself.

What do you do? Where do you come from? What are your hobbies?

Mary, Philippines: Hi, my name is M. C. I am a masters student in Artificial Intelligence. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines, but currently residing in Madrid, Spain for my master studies. My hobbies range from arts to sciences.

Ryan, Scotland: My name is Ryan, I am 5"9, live in Glasgow in Scotland. I work in business tech support.

Ynah, Philippines: Hi, I'm Ynah Bayubay I'm from Philippines, I graduated Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and I'm 35 years old. I'm a single mother of two.

Margarita, UK: Hi guys, my name is Margarita. I'm originally from Bulgaria, but I live in United Kingdom here in England more than 20 years, so actually I can say more of my half life is here. I'm working part time and I'm working from home. I can say my hobbies are astronomy and gardening.

Renz, Philippines: Hi, my name is Renz Gomez, and I'm from the Philippines. I'm a video content creator. I'm a vlogger and my page is Legacy Pigeons. I do pigeon racing and breeding,

Shalini, India: Hi, my name is Shalini, I am from India. I have completed my B. Com Honors program from S.S.C.C, one of the renowned college of Asia. After that I pursued my French language, French is my passion, learning language is my passion.

Mariel, Philippines: Hi, my name is Mariel Vocal, I'm 24 years old. I'm from the country of the Philippines. I used to work in a bank for almost three years and then the pandemic came, so I'm now a full time freelancer.

What do you love about Samsung?

Mary, Philippines: I specifically love the innovation of Samsung and the dedication towards progressive technology, and what I really like the most is how Samsung is everywhere.

Ryan, Scotland: They're always on the cutting edge of technology, but the phones are really easy to use. The really well built.

Margarita, UK: Samsung is one of my favorite brands actually for all the technology. I have washing machine Samsung, I have tumble dryer Samsung. My fridge-freezer is Samsung. I can say the first contact with Samsung was my first mobile phone that was like I think 10 or more years ago.

Renz, Philippines: It's user friendly and I love the apps and the accessories and I believe that it's way better than iPhones.

Shalini, India: Samsung is one of the best companies in the world. They offer best android phones, which are known for the stability and reliability. They have good processes. Quality is good, display is good as compared to Apple. Samsung is the best one.

Mariel, Philippines: So what I love about Samsung is that Aside from the fact that it's well known for its quality and reliability of its devices, I think it's easy, especially as a support. There are a lot of forums about Androids and also in Samsung websites. There are a lot of ways in how to troubleshoot, so I think it's easy for us to easily help the customers.

What do you love about being a Samsung Expert on Limitless?

Mary, Philippines: It gave an avenue to help people with my expertise in Samsung and since I have been a user for how many years, I have accumulated basic knowledge for fixing some issues and through Limitless, I felt like it wasn't a tedious job for me to be reaching out to these people. I felt like I was just lending a hand to a friend. And what I love about Limitless is there is professionalism, but there's also a user friendly website and you can access very easily and they have a knowledge library that also aids Experts in which in my case it was really a big help.

Ryan, Scotland: In the first case it's really flexible, I can do this any time of the day or night, it doesn't matter when I've got some free time. I'm quite customer service oriented myself. I like helping people, so being able to help people is always a good thing for me, especially people who don't understand the technology that they're using, how I can sometimes help make it easier for them.

Ynah, Philippines: It helped me a lot, more specially financially. I can earn money even if I'm at home and I'm able to take a look after my children while working. And it also offers flexible working hours. I can financially support my children since I'm a single mother and I can also share my knowledge and resolve customer queries.

Margarita, UK: I really, really love to help other people the same like me, like the same customer. So I cannot say that I'm more technology advanced than the other advisor. But reading and browsing what some of the other people saying, it's really making me feel that I am something more that I am some more educated and using the Limitless platform, it's a way for me to learn so many new things, to learn so many new features is from the tablets, for the phones.

Renz, Philippines: I get to help Samsung users with technicalities and how to use their phones, during my spare time. There's no commitment, I can work at any time of the day, at a duration that I can provide.

Shalini, India: I love Limitless. It is not that I'm working on Limitless, so I am happy with it. But, I have worked on various platforms and I feel that Limitless has no comparison, no platform is as good as Limitless.

Mariel, Philippines: I have a baby on the way, so with this pandemic, it's a great opportunity to be able to work within your home. and of course Limitless offers that, you can work 24/7 whenever you want. And being an Expert really help us, especially with our expenses and savings.

How are you planning to spend your earnings?

Margarita, UK: Currently I have Galaxy Tab A6 and I'm planning to buy the S7. That's my plan. So I am spending all the money that I would earn for that tablet.

Ynah, Philippines: My earnings here is really a great help in our daily living. I spent my earnings in my two children buying milk and diapers, groceries, paying bills, and the remaining earnings is a save it in the bank.

Mariel, Philippines: So I just got married. I had my dream wedding, it was a garden wedding. My husband and I wanted to have the best wedding we could ever imagine. and we did just that. It was a perfect day and only become possible because of Limitless. Also we were able to buy a land for our dream house. It's supposed to be a one year loan but we were able to pay just within four months, four months. Yes. I want you guys to know that you're changing lives here and it only become possible because of Limitless.

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