Expert Testimonials - July 2022 1.2

July 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Andrew, USA, PlayStation Expert . Patty, USA, eBay Expert. Raelyn, USA, Instawork Expert. Ashley, USA, Instawork Expert. Mariel, Philippines, Samsung Expert. Shalini, India, Samsung Expert. Mary, Philippines, Samsung Expert

What do you love about being an Expert on Limitless?

Andrew, USA: Working as a PlayStation Expert for Limitless is awesome because you can pick it up whenever you want, set your own schedule, it's also fulfilling, whereas you can help customers just like yourself figure out what's going on wrong and help them find a solution.

Ashley, USA: Something that I love about being an Instawork Expert is that as an Instaworker myself, I understand that sometimes I just need a question answered or something isn't just making too much sense. So it's fantastic that I'm able to use my experience and my knowledge base to help others who might need something that day.

Oluchi, Nigeria: And one of the reasons why I love the Limitless platform is the flexibility in timing and schedule. So this gives the opportunity for you to work at any time that you choose.

Patty, USA: Last year in august I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was blessed enough that it was caught on time but I still had to go ahead and do chemo and radiation. While I was doing chemo and radiation instead of calling out of work, because you know, I sell on eBay and I was answering questions on Limitless.

Patty, USA: I'm very blessed and very grateful that eBay and Limitless have provided this opportunity for me.

Emily, USA: I like being able to share my passion and my knowledge of the products with other people and I think it's just really fun actually to interact with other customers and be able to share what I know about the brand with other people and to really help them make conscious decisions when they're trying to purchase products from 7th generation.

Raelyn, USA: I was ecstatic when I got the email for the opportunity to be an Instawork Expert because after moving here to Chesterton, I was worried about how I was going to have to rely on my boyfriend for income. And there was no really way I could go to work because my son is autistic and he has to go to a special kind of daycare that is not in the area nor is affordable. So I was just like "oh anything helps" I was ecstatic.

Shalini, India: limitless. I love Limitless. It is not that I'm working on Limitless, so I am happy with it. But I have worked on various platforms and I feel that Limitless has no comparison, no platform is as good as Limitless.

How are you planning to spend your earnings?

Iain, UK: Money I've got from working with Limitless, I'm moving flat at the moment, so that's pretty much where it's all going, paying for all the bills and all the moving fees.

Mary, Philippines: My earnings in Limitless actually goes to my recreational expenses as a student with scholarship, as the main source of income, Limitless became a secondary income for me.

Emily, USA: being a customer Expert. I've actually just put it all into our savings account because we're planning on building our own home next year. So it's really been a really great thing for our family because even though I am staying at home, it gives me the freedom and the flexibility to have a job that I can make money from and kind of contribute to the

Mariel, Philippines: So I just got married. I had my dream wedding, it was a garden wedding, my husband and I wanted to have the best wedding we could ever imagine, and we did just that. It was a perfect day and only become possible because of Limitless. Also we were able to buy a land for our dream house. It's supposed to be a one year loan but we were able to pay just within four months, four months. Yes. I want you guys to know that you're changing lives here and it only become possible because of Limitless.

Mark, UK: I'm actually saving up for a deposit for a new car, but I haven't mentioned this to the wife yet so I'll keep that under me bat.

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