eBay Expert Testimonials - short

July 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Martin, UK, eBay Expert. Jennifer, USA, Seller for 15 years. Patty, USA, eBay Expert

Tell us a bit about yourself.

What do you do? Where do you come from? What are your hobbies?

Patty, USA: Hi, this is Patty, I'm from the USA and I am an eBay seller. I've been selling on eBay since 1999, so roughly 23 years.

Martin, UK: Hello, I'm Martin and I'm originally from Yorkshire in the UK, although I've spent a lot of my adult life, even the south of the UK, particular London, but also internationally, i've spent a lot of time in South Africa and Ghana and a few other countries as well. I'm currently a Director of Studies at a private English school.

Jennifer, USA: I've been on eBay for about 20 years as a buyer and seller, sold for about 15 years.

What do you love about eBay?

Patty, USA: I love a lot of things about eBay. I'm very passionate about eBay, but I am most passionate about the eBay community, the sense that you get when you meet other sellers and buyers, how they're always ready to provide head and help you out. I have met wonderful, wonderful people.

Martin, UK: There's a lot of things that I like about eBay, I guess the obvious one and it's a straightforward one actually, is that you can sell things quickly and easily, especially compared with a lot of other platforms and certainly compared with traditional selling tools and media. It could be very quick to put a listing up and once it's up it can sell very quickly and that's a great plus from a seller. You know, you can move stock and move items in a very short period of time.

Jennifer, USA: I love eBay, I can buy just about anything on there and I love helping other people who are new to the eBay.

What do you love about being an eBay Expert on Limitless?

Patty, USA: Last year in August I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was blessed enough that it was caught on time but I still had to go ahead and do chemo and radiation.

Patty, USA: But I was blessed enough that I could go ahead and take my phone and I could go ahead and still hop on and answer questions for Limitless or answer questions in the community for eBay.

Martin, UK: We're constantly learning, the platforms evolving, how consumers and customers buy things obviously changes over that period of time. So you know, being able to share that knowledge to the wider community, I think it's very important.

Jennifer, USA: I just love being able to help other buyers and sellers on eBay through Limitless, by answering their questions from what I've learned from the last 20 years, being on there and knowing that I'm helping other people.

What help and support do you provide sellers as an eBay Expert?

Patty, USA: Because of my years of experience, I can go ahead and show them what I have gone through and guide them in the right direction of what they should go ahead and do. I go ahead and provide them with information about changes on eBay, new policies, and what to do if they get stuck with a customer.

Martin, UK: Some of those questions can be very specific actually about a very specific or unique situation that the seller needs help with, all the way through to, you know, fairly common day to day questions around, you know, perhaps returns or dealing with customer problems for example.

How are you planning to spend your earnings?

Patty, USA: I was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I have a lot of bills to pay, so that right now is what I'm using my earnings for.

Martin, UK: It's always interesting in terms of how to spend earnings of course, and in my instance my sort of two main hobbies are anything to do with flying and flight and of course travel, you know, they're relatively expensive pastimes.

Jennifer, USA: I've actually spend most of it buying myself clothes. I hadn't had new clothes for myself in years. Get groceries, stuff for the house to organize, just things I need that I wouldn't usually be able to afford.

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