Dell Expert Testimonials

September 13, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Ian, Newcastle, U.K.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

What do you do? Where do you come from? What are your hobbies?

Ian, Newcastle, U.K.: Hello, My name is Ian. I'm from Newcastle in the UK and during the working week you'll find me being a software tester for a technology company. I've done that for the last 10 years, but during the weekend I quite enjoy going running, paddleboarding and I also enjoy long walks with my girlfriend and our puppy, Jester whose seven month old cockapoo. So he's got lots of energy to keep us busy. And I also enjoy watching sports and particularly enjoy watching football. I support my football team, Newcastle United.

What do you love about Dell?

Ian, Newcastle, U.K.: I'm a brand expert for Dell. What I love about Dell is their products. I've actually had them since I was really young so I remember my first desktop being a Dell Dimension 3600 which I got for Christmas. What I love about them is the ability to be able to customize them when you order them. I love the products themselves when they arrive, if something does go wrong, you know the aftercare support is going to be brilliant, whether that is somebody coming out visiting you, whether you get the part sent you or whether you have to send it off for repair and I find that they keep you well informed. But also the support side from a technical point of view is always of really high quality. So yeah, I've had Dell laptops, Dell desktops and Dell monitors. I use them at home and at work.

What do you love about being a Dell Expert on Limitless?

Ian, Newcastle, U.K.: Things I enjoy the most about being a Dell Expert is probably the variety of questions that comes in. You really do get a wide range, some of which you'll know the answer to straight away, but it's always fun when you get those more tricky ones and you've got to really challenge that knowledge that you have of Dell products to be able to get the best answer for the customer and ultimately the right one. Other things that I enjoy is the feedback you get from the customer. So often they're equally as thrilled that you've been able to help them and really do share that and let you know how thankful they are. So that's always nice. Another thing I enjoy is the freedom to do it in your own time. So I'll often drop in and out and answer questions throughout the day, but it's nice to be able to manage that yourself and not be required to do it. So yeah, that's the reasons I enjoy being a Dell Expert.

What time of day do you help and support customers as a Dell Expert?

Ian, Newcastle, U.K.: I tend to answer the most questions on an evening, so round about 8 o'clock at night, I'll log in and have a look to see what questions are there. And I've got the app on my phone as well so I get a notification of a new question becomes available and I can just log in and take a look. So yeah tend to be an evening that I do the most questions.

How are you planning to spend your earnings?

Ian, Newcastle, U.K.: How do I plan spending my earnings? Well, I've got a new cockapoo puppy, so he'll certainly be getting some dog treats and I'm looking to go on holiday at some point in the future, so I'll be saving up some spending money for that.

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