DAZN Expert Testimonials

December 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Piermario, Germany, DAZN Expert. Diego, Italy. Davide, italy

Tell us a bit about yourself.

What do you do? Where do you come from? What are your hobbies?

Piermario, Germany: Hi, my name is Piermario I'm from Darmstadt, Germany. I love to meet up with friends, I like to read, I love to cook, I do sports a lot

Diego, Italy: Hi, my name is Diego. I am a DAZN ambassador for Limitless. I am almost 40 years old and I live in Italy near Rome. I work for a service company, here in Italy. Regarding my hobbies, I really like cooking, traveling and playing sports like football or cycling. And finally, together with my family, we produce oil and wine.

Davide, italy: Hello. I'm Davide, I'm a web developer. I live in Como, Italy and I like to play sports. I like to watching two series. My main sport is volleyball, but I play a lot of sports, I go running, I like being in the nature.

What do you love about DAZN?

Piermario, Germany: I'm a DAZN enthusiast since like the first day they opened here in Germany, I love that it's so flexible, you can open the app everywhere if you're on the beach at work, meeting up with some friends on the PlayStation, on your iPhone, on your iPad. So for me the flexibility is like the best part of it. And then you have like my go to leagues, the Serie A in Italy, as my family is from Italy, and now you also have the Bundesliga here in Germany, and the Champions League. You can watch basketball, you can watch football, you can watch American football. So for a sport enthusiast its' absolutely perfect.

Diego, Italy: As you know, in Italy, the main sports is football. So there was some doubt about this change Italy, but DAZN made everyone change their minds all positively. Suddenly, a new application in Italy and in Italy is the first time that the footballer goes exclusively on the streaming platform. DAZN I appreciate the speed in adapting to the customer and so the fact that you can use it in more type of devices and the differentiation of the original contact.

Davide, italy: I love about DAZN that I can watch all my favorite sports. My favorite one is soccer, and I like to watch the game when I come late at home and DAZN allow me to do that.

What do you love about being a DAZN Expert on Limitless?

Piermario, Germany: I love that it's like such an open community where you're helping other customers, other DAZN enthusiasts, like you are. So all the people are very nice. They tend to be very open when questioning things and most of the things you already experienced as a customer for yourself, so you're just like a firsthand support. You can like be very open with people, you can talk to them, you can write some messages, it's like a chat function a bit and also as a student, it's also nice, you have to be honest to earn a bit of money on the side hustle. So yeah, I think it's absolutely great being a DAZN Expert on Limitless.

Diego, Italy: I generally like helping people, specifically I like to help DAZN users in solving their problems, whether they are technical or administrative problems.

Davide, italy: I love about being a DAZN Expert on Limitless, to help other people that love DAZN like me, and it's filled my day, it's been helping people that have trouble on technologies.

What help and support do you provide customers as a DAZN Expert?

Piermario, Germany: The best thing about it is that it's so flexible. You have so many people from so many different countries asking you for so many different problems. So every day is like a new challenge. You have people asking you about their account, you have people asking you about their email, about their information. You have people who just view a black screen and don't know what to do. You have people who don't have access to their account. People asking about the new pricing system. So every day is like a new challenge. You have new people and this is what makes it so great being a DAZN Expert on Limitless.

Diego, Italy: I help users to solve account problem, password reset, subscription expiration, problems are related to the streaming and related to the smart notebook, smart TV and devices they use and much more.

Davide, italy: Mainly, the customers of DAZN have problems about billing or about connection to watch games and sports. Other issues on the app of DAZN and I help them about that.

How are you planning to spend your earnings?

Piermario, Germany: This is a great question. As a student, I don't earn so much money, I have to study a lot, I don't have so much time working. So every money that doesn't go to my rent to the things I need to eat, to live. I use for like my hobbies, I read a lot, I read a lot of new books. I love to like wear some new things looking spicy, buy myself a new pair of shoes or something. So this is really great to have like a second source of income where you can buy things that really, really are fun to you and you use the money towards yourself and towards like rent or something to eat or a study so you can use the money for you and what you like.

Diego, Italy: I don't have a clear plan for how I will spend my earnings. Maybe I will give their family some gift.

Davide, italy: I plan to spend my earnings in, leader teams on Amazon or eBay leader traits that I deserve.

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