Catherine Putman for Customer Stories

May 05, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Client Story

What led you to start with Life Full Yoga & Pilates?

Client Story: Hi my name is Catherine. I live in Madison. And uh I started going to life full yoga. A couple years ago, my husband and I retired and some of his co workers knew that he enjoyed practicing yoga. So they gave him a give certificate to Kim's studio and after my husband went, I think it was to the first uh session, he came home and he said boy you really have to do this, you really love it. And I had been hesitant to try practicing yoga because you know, it was something that I thought that you had to be good at or um you know be particularly physically fit or something. And so I had kind of been putting it off but I knew it was something that I wanted to try and so I went in and started with a saturday morning restorative yoga class with Kim. And um I felt like um it was a very welcoming warm environment uh and I felt really comfortable with it and I've kept going.

What do you like about working with Life Full?

Client Story: I like working with Kim and Vicky at life full yoga because you know, it's something that I can tell is Kim's life passion and she brings so much warmth and energy and knowledge to the yoga practices um that it's more than just for me showing up for a class. It's a time for me um to take for myself, you know spiritually and emotionally and take good care of myself physically to um you know, I started going once a week, a couple years ago and now I practice yoga five days a week. And um I do two classes with Vicky and I do the other classes with Kim and then I started doing the Pilates class also with Kim to further challenge myself. And um you know, I've laughed with Kim before about how I I tried a yoga session and someone actually told me that I was doing one of the pose is wrong and it's fun because Kim is always and Vicky are there always encouraging people to, you know, make the practice their own. Um, And I really enjoyed that, that they can share so many uh, poses and ways to do them and then really encourage you to do what's comfortable for you physically, what really works for you. Um, and so it makes it nice to have that support and that flexibility.

How do you feel now?

Client Story: Yeah, I actually think this month, maybe my two year anniversary, I would have to check with kim, but I think it is um since I've been practicing at the studio, I it's really surprising how um my balance and my posture and my stamina is really, really improved and really, you know, sustains me, I can still go out and walk and hike um and you know, simple things like sometimes leaning over and washing dishes and you feel like you're you're back. It's or I mean and that seems like a small thing, but you know, I don't I don't think that we can, you know, understate how important, you know, you're toning and physical strength and it's uh the yoga practice just brings that that all together and and for me, as I say, two years into practicing, I feel great, I feel strong. Um I feel like, you know, it's something that helps me with um my arthritis and um you know, that's another thing that Kim brings her caring about the practice and her studio, but the people

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