Dyemond Pope - Customer Stories

May 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dyemond Pope, Owner , Dyemond’s home decor

Tell us about your small business and why you started it!

Dyemond Pope: What's up guys? My name is Dyemond Pope. I started the business Dyemond Home Decor because I wanted to make it more affordable for people to make their house look good. I wanted people to be able to enjoy their house at an affordable rate and be able to make their place look good.

Why did you apply for financing with Lendio?

Dyemond Pope: I applied for financing with Lendio because there was a lot of people in my neighborhood that were telling me about it. And I wanted to see if the funding that they offer would be able to help my business.

What one word would you use to describe your experience with Lendio?

Dyemond Pope: I would describe Lendio, Oh, as awesome. It was an easy process. I enjoyed working with them and it worked for me. I would say great or awesome. It's my one word for them.

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