Khasi-Marc Jamieson - Lendio Spotlight

February 14, 2023

Data Scientist - NY

Video Transcript

Speakers: Khasi-Marc Jamieson, Data Scientist

Who/What has been your biggest inspiration in your life?

Khasi-Marc Jamieson: My biggest inspiration is my mother. She's been a teacher for 32 years, same school, same grade. She taught me a lot about resilience, committing to your passions and using your gifts to do the best you can for as long as you can.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Khasi-Marc Jamieson: Black History Month to me, is about celebration and community. It's taken us many challenging years for our diaspora to grow to where it is now. So we should celebrate those who struggle before us, celebrate our success right now and do what we can for the future of our community.

What quote or lesson would you like to share with us?

Khasi-Marc Jamieson: Bell Hooks - "Love is an action, not a feeling. Showing you care goes a lot further if it's by what you do and not what you think or believe."

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