James Tomcik for Mobile App Feedback

February 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: James Tomcik

How did you learn about the Lendio mobile app?

James Tomcik: I learned about the landy, a wrap from my friend. I thought it would help me in my business. So I went to the app store, downloaded it and tried it out. They thought it would help me with invoice them and keeping track of my expenses.

How would you use this app for your business?

James Tomcik: I would use this app to keep track of my spending, different expenses, payroll, working capital, and if I needed a loan, I can just get one from the app, and I could also use it to do my taxes.

What would make you use this app again?

James Tomcik: The thing that would make me use this app again, I would say, is that you can get alone right off the app, keep track of your spending and expensive invoicing. It would be nice if you could see instant offers there if you were going for a loan.

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