Yvette Toth for Customer Success

February 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Yvette Toth, CEO, LOVINGLYHOME

What are you hoping to do with the money you received through Lendio?

Yvette Toth: My plan initially was to increase the working capital for my business and also to have steady income flow with the hope of investing in the future. So that's my first answer. Definitely. It's going to be a big help and more so with the working capital. Second is, I will definitely work with Lendio and looking forward for the future ventures of expanding my capability of working with my commercial history and business credit line. So thank you so much and I would highly recommend Lendio, especially with working personnel like Jeremiah AuClaire. Thank you so much for your help and hope that we will have more ventures for the future. Thank you. And my name is Yvette, appreciate the help.

Would you come to Lendio again for financing? Why?

Yvette Toth: Yes, definitely, I'd love to work with you again and have some other future ventures in expanding my credit line and my business capacity to increase its revenues and for future exploits in the business world. Thank you.

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