Shay Selden for 5 Star Reviews

June 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shay Selden, Practice Owner & Licensed Psychologist, Collage Therapy Collective

What are you hoping to do with the money you received through Lendio?

Shay Selden: With the money that I received through Lendio, I am hoping to hire a medical biller for my group psychotherapy practice to take that over from myself who has been doing it, to have someone that is a professional has been really helpful to have this money for.

Would you come to Lendio again for financing? Why?

Shay Selden: I would absolutely use Lendio again for business financing. The agent that I was working with, Jeremiah was incredibly helpful in explaining some of the different types of funds that were available, and was able to really help me with, you know, a process that I was really unfamiliar with, and ended up getting me access to more money than I had even initially requested, which was incredibly helpful, especially as someone coming in not really knowing what options there were, not knowing how much that I would qualify for. Jeremiah was incredibly helpful with making it a far less intimidating process. So I would absolutely go with Lendio again.

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