Dwight Marshall Customer Testimonial Videos

November 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dwight

Could you describe a time that Legal-Eagles.org helped you?

Dwight : How you doing? I would like to thank legal legal team and Dave specifically for helping me fight this battle with the parole board. Dave came when it seemed like I had no other options because a lot of people were scared to take this battle and fight with me with this parole board. Dave had been with me every step of the way up until now with this battle that I'm fighting. He's not scared. He gave me all his resources and gave me the best advice. If you need any legal advice, I definitely would suggest the legal legal team. And Dave is by far the best help that I had in this journey of mine and I continue to look forward to continue this journey with Dave legal legal team and get this victory.

How would you describe Legal-Eagles.org in three words?

Dwight : Resourceful, helpful and brave.

Why is Legal-Eagles.org different from other similar products or services?

Dwight : Their honesty and their courage to not be afraid to take the battle.

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