Lee Lukazewski - My Mission Trip Experience

February 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lee Lukazewski, Christ Community Church

Describe your mission trip experience in Nicaragua.

Lee Lukazewski: Hi, I'm Lee Lukazewski from Christ Community Church. We have been going to Central America for almost 20 years with different ministry partners and I just recently came back from a trip, this January serving with Chosen Children and I was reminded what a great ministry partner we at Christ Community have now. I feel like when we go down there we are well equipped, well trained, well cared for, but missionally if you're a Christ Follower, we're called to go and make disciples and what I see at Chosen Children is that not only do they go and make disciples, but they're constantly feeding the flock and the fruit that comes out of it continues to grow. So I see it as this analogy that we go down, we help them start a motor to an engine somewhere and they continue to run that engine and that engine continues to grow and take ground and go to other areas and every year one of our teams come down, they enable us to be effective to be contributing to this beautiful mission. And then to see these motors continue to run when we leave. We didn't always see that with ministry partners in the past. We are so thankful, so blessed to be a part of Chosen Children because of what they do and the fruit that is coming from the Gospel Mission

Would you recommend others to come on a mission trip with CCM? If so, why?

Lee Lukazewski: So the question would I recommend others to come on a mission trip with Chosen Children? Absolutely. It's a place where you can go if you've never left the country to serve in another country. Missionally it is a great place to go from the time you leave from the time you get back, Chosen Children has your back, they lead you, they guide you, they put whatever you need in your hand and you're going to have a good time. And so I would absolutely recommend if you've never gone on a mission trip, try it with Chosen Children. They understand how to get you going.

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