Leap in! Member stories: Lindsay

February 20, 2023

Hear from Leap in! Member Lindsay about being plan managed with Leap in!

Video Transcript

Speakers: Lindsay


Could you describe a time that Leap in! helped you?

Lindsay: Leap in! has assisted on several occasions, and notably I had one time I needed to reach out to Leap in! I chatted to a staff member there and they were able to correct, and they were able to guide me through

Lindsay: and they were able to guide me through my NDIS Plan, advise what groups of funding I could use and where I could go to use that funding and who to reach out to and guided me through and I had a great outcome from that.

How would you describe Leap in! in three words?

Lindsay: Friendly, helpful and approachable.

Why is Leap in! different from other NDIS plan managers?

Lindsay: Leap in! is different from other plan managers because they are independent and they are Member focused and want to assist myself and other clients to achieve their goals.

What is the best thing about being a Leap in! Member?

Lindsay: The best part about being a Member is I can have a chat to a staff member who is friendly, approachable, gives the correct information and you get a monthly statement tracking your funding and advising what you can and cannot do.

What was life like before/after working with Leap in!

Lindsay: The major difference for me is Leap in! is a dedicated plan manager and that's what they specialise in and that's all that they do.


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