Meet our Verse Students - Harini Venkatesan

August 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Harini Venkatesan. Harini Venkatesan

Harini Venkatesan: Hi, I'm Harini Venkatesan and I'm currently in the year two, which is the Apprentice Herbalist Year. I finished the Community Herbalist year last year and I just wanted to keep going. I've learned so much with Verse and the School of the Healing Arts. I know that I've been suffering from migraines for a really long time, but you know with the knowledge that I've learned and from the amazing partners like Herb Pharm, where we're getting skullcap and other herbs that have actually like significantly and drastically changed my life for the better. And I hope to learn more and to to keep spreading this knowledge to help my community and the people that I work with.

Could you share your experience as a scholarship recipient?

Harini Venkatesan: I'm actually really grateful for the scholarship. Um, I knew that I wanted to continue in the herbalist program this year, but I had recently gone through a divorce and I'm a single parent. So of course my finances are pretty tight, and but I did want to continue doing this work because I want to make a shift in my career from being a public defense attorney to maybe doing Herbalism full time or integrating it into my practice to help my clients. Um and I'm really grateful that the scholarship allowed me to continue in my Herbalism studies so that I can work towards that goal.

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